4/7/9/18/25/36/49/72 Pockets Wall Hanging Planting Bags Green Plant Grow Planter Vertical Garden Bag Garden Supplies Bags

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Green-4 Pockets
Green-6 Pockets
Green-9 Pockets
Black-2 Pockets
Black-4 Pockets
Black-6 Pockets
Black-9 Pockets
Black-12 Pockets
Black-18 Pockets
Green-12 Pockets
Green-18 Pockets
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Green-4 PocketsGreen-6 PocketsGreen-9 PocketsBlack-2 PocketsBlack-4 PocketsBlack-6 PocketsBlack-9 PocketsBlack-12 PocketsBlack-18 PocketsGreen-12 PocketsGreen-18 Pockets
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This product belongs to Plant Grow Bags , and you can find similar products at Gardening Pots, Planters & Accessories , Gardening & Lawn Care , Patio, Lawn & Garden .
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