Private Label Dropshipping,
No Minimum Order Quantity

LARNT offers the best Private Label Dropshipping solution on the market: a logo on the product, personalized packages, customized cards, branded invoice.
All products can use the Private Label Dropshipping service.
You just need to upload your brand logo. And there is no minimum order quantity.
Branding with Private Label
Your brand is your marketing channel , when customers see your logo on products or online, they will remember your business. LARNT can add your uploaded brand logo to the product according to your needs before sending it to your customer. Our professional technical workers will be based on the size of the product, shape and material, select the most can improve the brand grade process to add the brand logo.
Ship with Personalized Packages
Each item comes in its own box or bags, and you can put a logo on it. Our professional technical workers will add the brand logo according to the material of product packaging. We can also redesign the packaging of the product according to your design requirements, but we need to start a batch. The redesigned packaging can be stored free of charge in our warehouse and you can choose to use them in new orders. Each order will be packed in a high quality neutral package, which is free of charge and in which the packaged product will be protected to the maximum extent from damage in transit.
Customized Card and Branded Invoice
A simple expression of gratitude can create a good customer experience and improve how someone views your brand. It can include things from thank you letters with first purchases to sending valued customers coupon codes. The customized card and branded invoice will be placed in the shipping packages and sent to your customer.

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Private Label
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