All-in-one Branding Service

With our all-in-one branding service, brand your eCommerce business at low cost and easier
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All-in-one Branding Service

Showcase your brand from the first moment your customer sees their order
Add color and character to your packaging for a fun unboxing experience
Stand out from competitors and turn first-time buyers into loyal customers

Promote Your Brand with Custom Products

Put your logo on products and use promotional branding to raise brand awareness and reach more customers
Create Your Brand with White Label Products
Re-brand products under your brand before selling it to the customer, showcase your brand at lower cost.
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Build Your Brand with Private Label Products
Product manufactured under your brand name and you can specify everything about it
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Create an Unboxing Experience

Build an unboxing experience for your customers with custom packaging and inserts
Custom Packaging for Your Products
Custom packaging distinguish your products from the competition and shape how customers perceive your brand.
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Branded Packaging Inserts
Surprise your customers with customized pack-ins such as thank-you cards, postcards, or flyers.
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Why Choose LARNT's Branding Service

One-stop Service
One-stop Service
We can handle your product branding, custom packaging, personalized packaging inserts
Dedicated account manager
Dedicated account manager
Any one-on-one consultations about your business, looking for long-term relationship.
Free Sourcing Service
Free Sourcing Service
No any upfront fee to be paid to use our free product sourcing agent service
Free Design Support
Free Design Support
We will provide free design support on customer requests.
Lower MOQs
Lower MOQs
Our low MOQs custom packaging service allows you to start your brand business at a lower cost.
Success Stories
Success Stories
Over the past few years, we've been helping hundreds of Amazon and Shopify sellers to build their own brands. The capabilities are proven.

Start to Brand Your Business with LARNT Today!